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To position ourselves in the market as the company with the best performance in both, quality and service in the water treatment and environmental solutions industry, recognized for its human, technical and financial strength, and for its continuous improvement according to the requirements of society.


We are a company committed to providing quality of life, delivering drinking water processed by our treatment plants according to our own manufacturing designs, as well as with a great commitment in the conservation of the environment, providing services aimed at finding appropriate solutions to the customer needs, meeting high quality standards to achieve optimal financial returns.


We are an engineering company founded in 1985, dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of systems for drinking and waste water treatment. Oriented towards compliance with water quality regulations, Agroaguas has obtained the experience over time to develop techniques adaptable to the specific needs of every client.

Our implementation process is based on close cooperation with the client during the planning, construction, start up and maintenance of every equipment to obtain optimal results.



We have engineers in the Sanitary, Environmental, Chemical, Hydraulic, Civil, Soil and Architecture disciplines, and technical personnel who come together to carry out evaluations in an integral way and provide the client with the best technical alternatives.

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